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Gérance d'immeubles
Appartements et PPE

Entrusting the management of your property to a small-scale agency offers numerous advantages:
availability, responsiveness, and personalized management based on a relationship of trust.

MGM : a property management more closely with you

Welcome to MGM Fiduciaire SA, a fiduciary and property management company active for over 30 years in the Lausanne region.

Specialized in the rental management of buildings and apartments, we offer you a comprehensive management service. Thanks to our small-scale structure, you benefit from a privileged relationship with our responsive and professional team.

Personalized Service and Proximity

We offer personalized service and proximity to our clients. As a small-scale property management, we listen to your specific needs and are committed to building a close relationship with each property owner.

Responsiveness and Availability

Our responsive team is consistently available to answer your questions and address issues promptly. We understand the importance of responsiveness in property management and strive to handle all requests quickly.

Professional and Transparent Management

We ensure professional and transparent management of your properties. Through rigorous management practices, detailed reports, and transparent communication, you can trust our ability to optimize the value of your investments.

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