Entrust the management of your real estate with peace of mind

Our services

  • Administrative, technical, financial or global management
  • Information and close collaboration with property owners
  • Impeccable accounting, statement with balance sheet and profit & loss
  • Rent or PPE charge collection on a bank account in your name
  • Establishment and conclusion of contracts
  • Fast administrative procedure
  • Preservation of invested capital and fair return on investment.
  • Maintenance (technical work)

Our commitments

Professionalism and efficiency

We offer extensive and high-quality services. We respond quickly to your requests, close accounts, organize meetings, and send minutes in a timely manner.

We are easily reachable and available.

Seriousness and transparency

All PPEs have their own bank accounts. We establish clear accounting that fits on a few pages. These elements allow for easy verification, even for non-experts.

Personalized service and welcome

MGM is a small business where each file is followed day after day, by an experienced and dynamic team that acts in your best interests.

Since each client has their own expectations, we adapt and offer personalized solutions.